Doom alpha weapons revealed, along with a speedy new trailer

Doom alpha

Update: id Software have put out this new trailer of the Doom alpha, and outlined a bunch of additional details in a post on the Bethesda website by global content lead Gary Steinman:

“The first DOOM Closed Alpha begins Friday, October 23 at 12:01 ET and runs through Sunday, October 25 at 11:59 ET. Participants will square off in 6v6 Team Deathmatch on the Heatwave map. Using a limited arsenal of 6 weapons and 2 pieces of equipment, players can choose a pre-set loadout or customize their own loadout before jumping into arena-style combat in this industrial-themed map. Be sure to keep an eye out for several “game changers” that appear in the arena, which include:

  • The Demon Rune, which can turn the tide of a battle by transforming a player into a bad-ass Revenant fully loaded with dual rocket launchers and a jetpack.
  • The Gauss Cannon, a high-powered weapon that can destroy a foe in a single blast.
  • Power-ups like Quad Damage and Invisibility – you can guess what each of these does.”

Here’s everything we know about the Doom beta, release date and mods.

Original story: The closed alpha is available to those who bought Wolfenstein: The New Order. There’s been no gameplay shots posted online as of yet, but these screens from the weapon select menus give a good view at Doom’s new murder equipment. Sadly it seems the alpha is sticking entirely to ranged combat, with no chainsaw in sight.

Doom closed alpha weapons plasma rifle

Doom closed alpha weapons repeater

Doom closed alpha rocket launcher

Doom closed alpha static cannon

Doom closed alpha super shotgun

Doom closed alpha vortex rifle

Doom closed alpha frag grenade

Doom closed alpha personal teleporter

Are you in the alpha? What are you most exicted about?

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