Awesome Games Done Quick’s seventh iteration kicks off this weekend

Games DOne Quick

Back to break more records and raise even more money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, Awesome Games Done Quick is coming back for its seventh installment this weekend. Starting out at 4:30PM PST on Sunday 8, this week long speedrunning stream will have players from all over the world trying to complete games both modern and retro as quickly as they can.

If you need inspiration, check out our top PC games for potential titles to speedrun.

While both console and PC games are featured throughout this week, dedicated PC players need to set their alarms for the PC block, which kicks off on Tuesday 10. For this block, you’ll see runs of Dark Messiah: Might and Magic, Fallout New Vegas, System Shock 2, Descent II, Daikatana, Half-Life: Blue Shift and finishing off with 2016’s Doom. If you want exact times, check out the AGDQ schedule, where all of the run start times are calculated to match your current timezone.

PC games are not limited to that specific block, as runs for the original Left 4 Dead’s co-op campaign, Dark Souls 3 and Quake interspersed throughout the marathon, with a True Pacifist Run of Undertale acting as the grand finale of the whole event.

All of the action will be streamed over on the GamesDoneQuick Twitch channel and make sure to check in over on r/speedrun for the highlights of any runs you may have missed.