Doom: Bloodfall adds a new weapon, three maps and the Spectral Pinky to multiplayer

Doom Bloodfall

Doom’s third multiplayer DLC pack, Bloodfall, is now available on Steam and it brings with it the Grenade Launcher weapon, three new maps, the Spectral Pinky demon transformation, on top of extra Hack Modules and the Cultist armour set.

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The Pinky is a long standing favourite among Doom fans, so this new spectral transformation allows players to turn invisible and devour players without being seen. The UAC grenade launcher can bounce grenades off walls to splat enemies into clouds of gore, or lay down bursts of smoke to cover your approach as you go to stomp on an enemy marine.

The three new maps, Empyrian, Boneyard and Outbreak, provides some suitably grotesque arenas to run around in while you are sniping people out with rocket launchers. Empyrian is a crumbling gilded colosseum, held up by ethereal energies and full of boost pads to fling you into the air. Boneyard is an arena on the outer edges of Hell, where the scenery is made up of demon teeth, flesh and bone while Outbreak is a UAC facility where blood is beginning to leak from the ceiling as Hell pours out of containment.

Bloodfall also adds the Lateral Thrusters which give marines a third jump, four Cultist armour sets, a host of new taunts and armour customisation options, as well as Hack Modules which increase the armour and health gained from pickups or allow you to see Glory Kill targets from further away.

Playing loosely with the word “weekend”, Bethesda are holding a double XP event from now until noon on Monday 19 December, allowing players to rank up to the top rank of Echelon 11, level 50. Getting to this level will unlock the Doom Marine armour which was added in the last Free Update.

Doom: Bloodfall is available on Steam for $15/£12 ,or for free if you own the Doom Season Pass.

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