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Here’s how to use an actual motor vehicle as a Doom controller (pro tip: don’t)

Doom car

We’ve seen people playing Doom on some weird devices, but using a Porsche 911 as a controller is some next level stuff. 

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As you can see in the video above, YouTuber Vexel simply uses his car’s debug mode, inserts the disc for classic Doom and he’s straight into Gib Town.

Because cars are tested on simulations before they go on sale, each input works as a controller with no modification needed.

In Doom, the gear stick changes weapons, the wheel turns left or right, shooting is done by honking the horn, and you accelerate to go forwards.

Of course, accelerating and navigating a virtual space while honking your horn like a fruit will probably get you killed, so definitely never do this.

You can watch Vexel having a go at it above on his own land, though.

Thanks, PCGamer.