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Doom multiplayer gameplay trailer showcases Soul Harvest, Freeze Tag and Warpath


When I think of Doom I think of twisty level design and flaming skulls, but the landmark shooter didn’t have players drilling cable holes through dorm walls for nothing – it was also the birthplace of multiplayer shooting, and the id staffers in charge of its resurrection haven’t forgotten.

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Classic deathmatch is there, of course, but there’ll be five other modes included at launch too – and not all the archetypes you’d expect.

Three of the six modes are on show in today’s trailer. Soul Harvest turns kill rewards into physical icons to sprint and mantle your way to. Freeze Tag is an enjoyably playground conceit, asking you to shoot all of your enemies into statuesque poses to win – and ‘thaw’ your teammates to prevent the opposing team achieving the same.

Warpath, meanwhile, is the polar opposite of bottleneck-y static shooting, forcing players to literally pursue a moving capture zone across the map. That’ll feature alongside Team Deathmatch in the upcoming beta, starting March 31st, if you’re lucky enough to have access to that. Beta players will be fighting across two of Doom’s nine multiplayer maps.

The trailer makes clear that new Doom is all about speed. Is your current machine up to meeting to the Doom system requirements specified for the beta?