Doom to release in Germany uncut, which is a franchise first


Despite the increased graphical fidelity and the brutal takedowns that were so gruesome they made E3 idiots whoop at the trailer, Doom will be released uncut in Germany for the first time in franchise history.

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This news was revealed in a tweet from Bethesda’s Germany account.

“We’re pleased the game can be released in its entirety in Germany without the need to edit or change anything,” Bethesda vice president of marketing Pete Hines told Polygon when they followed up on the news. “Perhaps not all that surprising given how other titles have been rated there recently, but still a cool thing to see given that Doom and Doom 2 were banned in Germany and were delisted a few years ago.”

Until 2011, gamers in Germany couldn’t get Doom or Doom 2 through legitimate means, but it seems like Germany is starting to become more understanding when it comes to violent digital entertainment.

Bethesda also recently won an appeal to get Fallout 3 delisted following a ban back when it was released. This came off the back of Fallout 4 successfully releasing over there unedited.Doom is due for release May 13.