Doom turns 21, Romero reveals a stack of never-before-seen artwork

Doom 21st anniversary john romero

Happy birthday to Doom! Happy birthday to Doom! Happy birthday dear old Doomy, happy birthday to Doom! 

Hooray! Classic FPS Doom has made it to the grand old age of 21, and that’s cause for some serious celebration. He’s all legal to drink now in his home state of Texas, but instead of his family cracking out the beers, they’re revealing some unseen art work from the creation of the seminal shooter. 

John Romero, one of Doom’s chief designers, has been sharing a huge library of images on his Twitter. They provide a fascinating insight into the world of game development in 1993; a time when clay models were scanned into computers to make characters, a day when pencil sketches became textures, an era when the BFG shot so many projectiles that it slowed down computers. We’ve embedded the best of the tweets here, but do check out the full feed for the whole library.

So raise a glass to Doom, for he’s a good ‘un. We did the same one year ago today where we discussed our memories of Doom. And hopefully it won’t be long untill we can relive them in glorious modern-day-o-vision thanks to id’s new Doom.