Doom update 6.66 makes all the DLC free and resets everyone’s level to zero

Doom 666

The next Doom update is straight from the bowels of Hell, if Hell is in fact a place where you get loads of nice stuff for free. Bethesda are making all of the shooter’s DLC free and releasing a bunch of other improvements at the same time, including a reworked multiplayer progression system. 

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The new progression system changes how players unlock demons, guns, equipment, and even customisation options. It’s no longer random, so you’ll tick through the upgrades while knowing exactly what’s around the corner. In fact, you can even aim for specific upgrades, since they’re now locked to achievements and in-game challenges. It sounds like they’ve taken inspiration from The Elder Scrolls’ playbook, with you unlocking the stuff that you do most often.

As part of all this, Bethesda are resetting the levels of those who have been playing the multiplayer back to zero. You’ll keep all your unlocks, but what remains will be acquired through the new system. If you fancy it, you can also opt in for a full reset. You’ll also get a badge to show off your veteran status. Anyone who’s reached max Slayer rank will get another badge.

On top of this lot, there’s a new rune system and updated UI. Runes in multiplayer are now persistent player abilities that you equip on the loadout screen. These equipables will define your player style.

Bethesda are also planning to let new players let loose in a free weekend, starting tomorrow, July 20. During it, you’ll be able to pick the game up for $14.99.