Real-life Doom Guy is just how you’d imagine him

The Doom Slayer's face has been recreated with "a few AI enhancements"

Lodged in the status bar, ready to pull faces at all your baddie blasting, Doomguy’s blocky visage is one of the most famous aspects of the FPS game’s first title. Heck, we’ve even got our own Doom-inspired avatars adorning our site here at PCGamesN. These days he’s usually covered up with the Doom Slayer’s helmet, but, with the help of a little AI, one fan’s imagined what he might look like in real life.

User Panishev has posted a series of images on Reddit breaking down Doomguy’s journey from 1993 MD-DOS to a real-life look, with a final shot of “Doomguy after few AI enhancements”. The first couple are only a few hops away from his original, determined-looking 2D features, but the final version basically shows what the Doom Slayer himself would look like if you bumped into him in real life. The result’s incredible – and (probably) exactly what you’d expect of the gritty marine’s human version.

It’s not clear exactly how the user did it, but the recreated Slayer’s pretty unmistakable.

Take a look for yourself below:

Doomguy after few AI enhancements from gaming

It’s not the first time in recent years Doom fans have tried to take a guess or a peek at what’s under the iconic protagonist’s helmet. Earlier this year, Doom_Man_Guy on Twitch (via Alternative Gaming Channel) took a look at his face as used in Doom Eternal using 3D graphics software program, Blender. You can check this out below:

YouTube Thumbnail

While Doomguy’s modern appearance still remains something of a mystery, it feels like Panishev’s AI creation brings us pretty close to knowing what’s hiding behind that helmet.

If you’re a Doom fan and have yet to dive into the latest game in the series, be sure to take a look at our Doom Eternal review. Plus, there’s now a Doom Eternal ray tracing mod that makes demon guts glisten all the more brightly, which you can go grab if you’re up for even more realism. Lovely.