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IDception: somebody has modded Doom to run Doom and Wolfenstein 3D


The recursive thrill of a game within a game was alive at E3 with the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy – an advanced model which incorporates atomic-age clones of Donkey Kong and Missile Command.

Well, now hell truly is a circle: it’s possible to play Doom inside Doom.

Classic Arcade is an attempt to recreate games on arcade machines within Doom. It currently offers semi-complete versions of id’s first two shooters.

The mod is playable in GZDoom, the source port used as a platform for modding and standalone projects in id Tech 1. You can find a download link on theZDoom forums.

In a clip captured on YouTube by creatorTheZombieKiller, Doomguy stands at a terminal to begin playing the same level he’s situated in – fighting past zombiemen and crossing toxic green pools to reach another version of the same terminal, where he finds a familiar green-helmeted figure.

Another important existential question answered through modding: shoot yourself, and both yous die. Be careful out there, marines.

Did the new Doom map editor shown at E3 inspire any cyberdemonic roars of approval among you lot?