John Romero creates a new DOOM level after 21 year hiatus


DOOM still boasts a lively community of players, modders and level creators, after all these years. For John Romero, co-founder of id Software, it must have been lovely to watch it endure for so long. But recently Romero seems to have got an itch. He clearly wanted to show the hobbyist creators how it was done, so he’s created a new DOOM level, 21 years after his last one.

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You can’t really argue with the guy who coined the term ‘deathmatch’. If he wants to make a new DOOM level after a 21 year hiatus, you let him.

Perhaps it was nostalgia, but it Romero dedicated “several hours” to the project in his spare time over the space of two weeks, and if the Twitter replies are anything to go by, it’s damn good.

You can download it with that DropBox link and will work with “most source ports”, according to a tweet reply to a fan.

It was only recently when our Jeremy pleaded with modern id Software to not forget DOOM’s brilliant level design. Maybe Romero read it? Either way, you should.