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Modder creates a Lego brick gaming monitor, plays Doom on it

We're one step closer to realising our Lego gaming monitor dreams, thanks to modder James Brown who showcases his blocky creation by the classic FPS game

Doom Lego gaming montior

You can now play Doom on a Lego brick, thanks to the efforts of one modder and their tiny OLED gaming monitor. Previously, the ridiculously small screen could only display animated lines, but it’s now (sort of) capable of running one of the best FPS games of all time. It’s the latest in the plethora of platforms and heaps of hardware you can find running the beloved shooter that you probably wouldn’t think you’d ever see.

James Brown, creator of the Lego brick gaming monitor, shared footage of Doom running on the display via Twitter. However, before you dream of pairing this display with a Lego gaming PC, even Brown admits that despite his admittedly impressive efforts the game is “not very playable.”

This is due to a combination of factors, chief of which are the panel’s specs. The monitor boasts a 72×40 resolution, less than 3,000 pixels, and is limited to a monochrome output. In order to get Doom to even display properly on the panel, Brown says the panel applies “adaptive histogram equalisation to flatten the dynamic range, adds some noise, and thresholds it.”

While it’s not particularly practical, this gaming monitor is an undeniably cool creation. Better still, we may see a refined version of this Lego labour of love with a higher resolution screen from fellow Twitter user BBQDeveloper, so watch this space.

Despite being almost 30 years old, there’s plenty of life to be found in the Doom scene, with developers recently giving the game a facelift with ray traced graphics. You can even play it in your system’s BIOS too, if you find yourself impatiently waiting to scratch that demon killing itch.