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New Doom trailer focuses on demon death and chainsaw massacres ahead of May release

Why, isn't that a Big Friendly Giant you're packing? Wait, that's not right. Regardless of whether you associate that acronym with Roald Dahl ogres or large friggin' guns, you don't have long to wait for Doom now. The latest incarnation of id Software's legendary shooter hits PC on May 13th, and to celebrate, publisher Bethesda have just released an extra aggressive new trailer.

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Ready for copious demon slaughter and the odd invisible chainsaw massacre? Good, because Doom's latest trailer focuses on the shooter's playable demons, power-ups and devastating weapons:

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Those beasties sure look menacing, huh? Personally, I think the Baron of Hell could pass for an X-rated version of Tim Curry's devil from Legend. On the power-ups front, Quad Damage is the most intriguing. It may sound like a particularly nasty sports injury, but apparently it also lets you rip demons' jaws apart King Kong style, so it's all good.

As for the weapons, you can stick your Guass Cannon and Big F**king Gun, all I want to do is introduce enemies’ colons to the business end of a super rusty chainsaw. Leatherface would be so proud. 

Are you excited for the Doom reboot? Is there still a place for the series' old-school savagery in 2016? The shooty answers will soon reveal themselves.

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Rock1m1(22 hours played)
2 Years ago

Is this game multiplayer focused? I feel I watched 3 multiplayer videos and just 1 SP video of this game. I sure hope not, Bethesda DOOM is a SP experience, multiplayer is just a bonus.