Your PC gaming weekend: win a graphics card, play Doom for free, watch the Overwatch World Cup, and more!

PC Gaming Weekend July 21

If you’re feeling good about the weekend but aren’t sure what to do then you’re in the right place. The answer is, of course: play some PC games. What better way to spend your weekend?

While you’re here, make sure you’re caught up with all the latest PC gaming news.

To make sure you get the best out of your free time we’ve rounded up the PC gaming worth doing over the next two days. As is often the case, there’s a giveaway to enter, big games that are free for the weekend, and new games to check out, too.

Win a Galax GTX 1070 EXOC Sniper graphics card worth £450

With all the ethereum miners snatching up the graphics cards you might be finding it hard to update your PC hardware. But we’re here to help. Not only are we giving you the chance to get a graphics card, you can get it for free, and it’s a pretty decent one at that.

Play Doom for free this weekend and check out the reworked multiplayer

Doom was a pleasant surprise when it came out last year – we honestly didn’t expect a reboot of such a classic series to be worth a damn. But it is. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s free this weekend on Steam, and it’s just got a big update that overhauls how the multiplayer works. Oh, and all the DLC will be free, too.

Try to beat Final Fantasy XIV’s newest and most terrifying raid boss

Final Fantasy XIV is, thankfully, getting better and better as time goes on. In one of its latest updates, a new boss has been added, and it’s absolutely wild. It interrupts a previous boss fight as you’re halfway through by ripping a hole in the sky and jumping through from whatever hellish dimension its big ugly ass is from. See it in action below or have a go at taking it on yourself.

Watch the second live event for the Overwatch World Cup

If you can’t get to Sydney in the next 24 hours then you’ll want to make sure you’re ready to stream the second live event for the Overwatch World Cup from home. For us Brits, it actually kicks off at midnight tonight and will finish up on Monday morning. There will be 21 hours of top quality Overwatch to see overall, so go pick up some snacks first, and get us a coffee while you’re at it.

Play Loading Screen Simulator for free, Steam’s latest and unexpected hit

Everyone hates loading screens. Don’t they? You might start questioning that widely accepted fact after finding out that one of the most popular new games on Steam is Loading Screen Simulator. It’s a game in which you watch loading bars fill up. You do this a lot. Clicker games are so bizarre.

Test yourself with the new Boss Rush and Gun Game-like mods for Dark Souls

Ah, Dark Souls, you might never die. That’s because the community around Dark Souls keeps giving us reasons to go back and play it. This past week saw the arrival of two new mods. Good mods, too. Especially if you like a challenge. One lets you take down all the bosses without taking a break. The other swaps your weapon for hitting enemies or taking damage. Chaos!

Try tobeat the world record for the Fallout Anthology(five games in under two hours)

It probably takes the average person about 30 hours to beat a Fallout game. Times range wildly depending on how much exploration you do, but you know, that’s a good average. Now, get this: a speedrunner has beat five Fallout games in under two hours. That’s not two hours each – that’s all five in the time it takes to watch a film. Reckon you can beat it?

Check out Warface’s new map and weapons while increasing your rank

If you used to play Warface but dropped off at some point then now would be an excellent time to make a return. Its latest update adds a new map, nasty new weapons, and the maximum level has been increased. It’s time to get your hardest war face on and shoot some bullets once again.

Jump into the new and manic multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3

Just Cause, as a concept and a series, is already as wild as it gets. But now there’s a multiplayer mod for the third game, which means you can jump into that world with other players, working together to hook cars together and cause the biggest pile-ups in traffic history.

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