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Doom mod replaces Doomguy with the Stray cat

The Stray cat has been added to id Software's iconic FPS game as a new Doom mod, and this heavily-armed kitty kicks the demon hordes where it hurts

It's a Doom Stray mod. What more do you want?

The Stray cat has already explored the mean streets of a robotic cyberpunk city, and now it’s heading to Mars. A new Doom mod is set to replace the classic FPS game‘s Doomguy with the Stray cat – and yes, it’s in third-person too.

The mod will release on July 27 and is the creation of modder @edypagaza1 on Twitter – the mastermind behind the incredible Doom Shinobi mod, which turns id Software’s FPS into basically a new Ninja Gaiden game. This one’s a little more straightforward – it adds a heavily-armed version of the cat from Stray to Doom. Yes.

As you can see in the video below, the cat is quite capable of taking on the hordes of hell by themselves, and then lying amongst the bodies for a nice bath. Now that’s what we call a bloodbath.

YouTube Thumbnail

The Stray cat gets his furry ass to Mars on July 27.

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