Silent Hill style Doom mod is getting an Unreal 5 remake

From the creator of Turbo Overkill, Total Chaos is an impressive Doom mod that's basically a new Silent Hill game - and it's getting an Unreal Engine 5 remake

A creepy monster in the Doom mod Total Chaos Unreal 5 remake

An impressive Doom mod from the creator of the recent FPS game Turbo Overkill is getting a standalone remake in Unreal Engine 5. The Total Chaos mod is basically a new Silent Hill game and was already great in the Doom engine – an Unreal 5 remake could be one of the best horror games on PC.

There are many fantastic Doom mods out there that make you question how modders actually crammed these things into the basic Doom engine – whether it’s turning Doom into Shinobi, a post-apocalyptic open-world, Mortal Kombat, or the best Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Total Chaos is one such mod. You can download it from ModDB as long as you have a classic Doom game to run it with, and it’s essentially a new, free, first-person Silent Hill game. Now, its creator Wadaholic – who recently worked on the excellent Turbo Overkill – confirmed that they are working on a full, standalone remake of Total Chaos in Unreal Engine 5.

Wadaholic and another developer have been working on the remake in “sort of secret for the last couple of years”, presumably alongside the development of Turbo Overkill. You can check out the impressive first screens below. The team says that it’s “still a couple of years away”, but there should be more news coming soon.

There’s no word on whether the Total Chaos remake will be a free game when it comes out, either, but with all this effort we wouldn’t be surprised if it was a paid release. It’ll probably get here before the next Silent Hill game does, either way.

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