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Dota 2 International 2014’s Compendium outsells its predecessor in one day

The Dota 2 International is just now kicking off, and will outlast this month and the next.

Valve have shifted more copies of their inches-thick tournament almanac in the last day that they did over the course of last year’s Dota 2 International, the company have announced. The Compendium doubles as a big prize pot for the Dota community to pour their coin into – and consequently the prize pool now sits at a positively whopping $4,229,664.

The International prize pool reached $3.8 million just 24 hours after the Compendium went on sale. In total, its 2013 equivalent garnered $2.8m for the 2013 tournament pot.

Dota fans top up the prize pool by $2.50 with each Compendium purchase, and gain access to a variety of ways to track and bet on the tournament – which began yesterday with the International US qualifiers.

Valve have also appended a dangerously compelling progression system to the digital book. Every 100 points will level up your compendium, and unlock custom in-game effects, bonus loading screens and the like.

Overall stretch goals encourage fans to push the prize pool total to new levels – with the promise of new music, matchmaking, environmental effects and finally base customisation at $6 million.

The tournament won’t wrap up for another two months, on the weekend beginning July 18, which means they’ll almost certainly hit that goal. Will you help?

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