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A Dota 2 fan has been drawing all of its heroes in just one minute

"I drew all the heroes in one minute each, with varying results"

Dota 2 heroes head into battle with smoke all around

As one of the biggest MOBA games around, Dota 2 has a pretty packed line-up of heroes, with around 120 characters that each boasts their own distinct playstyle, theme, and appearance. Valve will of course spend a fair chunk of time designing and bringing them to life, but that doesn’t mean the spirit of Dota 2’s heroes can’t be captured in a much, much shorter timeframe, as one fan has now proven.

Dota fan and Redditor LiquidEV has taken it upon themselves to achieve a tricky but highly creative feat – they’ve drawn each and every one of Dota 2’s heroes, spending just one, single minute on each sketch. They’ve noted that there are “varying results”, but if you flip through them (via the embed below), they’re actually pretty brilliant across the board, and really capture the essence of each hero.

One of my particular favourites is Brewmaster, which you can find on slide 12. We can see the hefty, furry hero hoisting up his signature barrel above his head, along with his long, pointy ears and determined expression. Likewise, Enchantress (slide 33), Mirana (59), and Shadow Shaman (85) – who comes complete with a chicken to pick on – are all easy to spot a mile off.

Lina and Lion – slides 50 and 51 – are also really entertaining, with the two heroes just casually blasting their powers from their fingertips. Here are the Dota 2 heroes captured in a minute:

I drew all the heroes in 1 minute each, with varying results from DotA2

LiquidEV does note that they accidentally left out Dark Willow, so the full count’s 120 rather than the full 121, but hey – 120 minutes’ worth of rapid sketching is already one heck of a feat.

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