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Dota 2 collector’s cache II finally unveiled after concerns

The Dota 2 collector's cache looked like it was only getting one iteration this year, but Valve has swooped in at the last moment to add another to the MOBA

Dota 2 collector's cache 2 finally unveiled after concerns: A woman in a blue and white dress stands on a forest background holding two fireballs in her hands

23/12/2022 – Despite fan concerns, a new Dota 2 collector’s cache has been released, and is on sale until January 12, 2023. Original story continues below.

The Dota 2 collector’s cache grants players a swathe of Treasures that contain exclusive, non-tradable cosmetic items, but this year it looks like avid fans of the MOBA are only getting one cache from Valve instead of the usual two.

Since 2018 players have been able to pick up two different collector’s caches throughout the year. Last year we had Aghanim’s 2021 cache, as well as the Nemestice iteration, whereas in years previous the caches were simply named after that year’s respective TI.

This year we’ve only had one cache, Diretide, which is available in store now. It was supposed to retire on December 18 according to an official Valve blog post, but players have noticed that the devs have simply extended its time limit instead, taking us into next year with the same cache (the cache now goes out of service on January 13).

One fan, however, noticed that the new dates for the cache were December 22 to January 13, implying that maybe Valve will release the second cache and details surrounding it on December 22. Turns out their ‘hopium’ wasn’t just hopium – Valve has indeed confirmed that a second Collector’s cache is on the way.

Three Dota 2 characters stand together in mist

You’ll be able to pick up both caches until January 12, as well as ultra rare sets for Tiny and Chaos Knight. Both cost £2 / $2.49 each, and are the perfect way to pick up some new gear for your cosmetic library.

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