Dota 2’s new hero is Dawnbreaker – here are her abilities

The 7.29 patch is here, alongside Dawnbreaker

After much anticipation, the Dota 2 7.29 release date is here, and with it, a brand new hero. Valve has lifted the veil on Dawnbreaker, and she’s pretty much Lady Thor without all the Jane Foster backstory – a celestial warrior who uses a big ol’ magic hammer to smite her enemies. Here’s what you need to know about Dawnbreaker and her abilities.

“Valora, the Dawnbreaker, most prized warrior amongst the Children’s ancient creations, is the shining herald of the majesty of order and light,” as Valve describes her backstory. “Molded from the heart of a young metallic star, and charged by golden breath with new life, Valora was called to spread the glow of the Children’s wisdom to the darkest reaches of the universe – setting fire to the heavens with each swing of her celestial hammer amidst an endless battle to keep chaos at bay.”

Dawnbreaker’s first ability is Starbreaker, which swings the hammer around three times in an AOE arc, before a final, forward strike that stuns enemies in front of you.

Celestial Hammer is full Thor – you throw the hammer in a damaging forward line, it sits in the distance for two seconds, and then it comes flying back to you, leaving behind a path of fire that’ll slow enemies. (You can also recall the hammer early.)

Luminosity will power you up after three hits, so the next attack will be a guaranteed crit that heals nearby allies for 35% of the damage dealt.

Finally, we’ve got Solar Guardian, which takes a few seconds to teleport you to an allied hero anywhere on the map. While you’re channelling it, the targeted area will heal allies and deal damage to enemies. Any nearby enemies will take further damage and suffer a stun effect when you land.

The full patch notes for Valve’s take on MOBA games are too voluminous to reproduce here, so you can check out the official site for those.