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Almost 2 million email addresses, usernames and passwords exposed in Dota 2 forum hack

Dota 2

On June 10, Dota 2’s official forums were reportedly compromised, with almost 2 million user email addresses, usernames, passwords and IP addresses available to the hackers. 

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Leaked Source report that passwords on the vBulletin forum “were stored using MD5 hashing and a salt”.

The site claims they were able to convert over 80% of the passwords to their plaintext values, thanks to its outdated data protection.

You can use the site to check if your details have been compromised, and there’s also a breakdown of the most common domains affected.

Google users seem to be worst off, with over a million hacked, though many of these are apparently disposable email addresses.

There’s been no official announcement from Valve as yet.

Thanks, ZDnet.

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