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Dota 2 performance issues mean your fps drops in every successive game

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Playing Dota regularly? You should be rebooting the program in between each game. It turns out that Valve’s MOBA is fairly unstable, and some sort of CPU issue is causing it to run less smoothly with each successive game. With the most powerful hardware available, it can even drop to under 60 fps in extreme - if also a little unrealistic - cases.

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This was investigated by observer Johnathan "PimpmuckL" Liebig and posted to his YouTube channel. He ran a series of benchmark tests using various settings on high end machines, and discovered that even the second game could result in a drop of 10fps. While that’s not much of an issue when it’s under 10% of your performance, it ramps up over time and it’s much more worrying for those on laptops or lower-grade PCs.

Exactly what’s causing it is fairly difficult to debug even with access to the source code, nevermind from the outside looking in. Liebig says it’s not a memory leak, as usage doesn’t go out of the 1-1.4 gig range it should sit at normally. While it seems like those running Vulkan might be okay, Liebig also thinks the same problems might develop over a longer period.

There’s a Reddit thread with various users confirming the same issue and Liebig explaining how to benchmark it yourself if you want to test. The easy fix is to reboot the game regularly, and you’re unlikely to hit those half-fps extremes unless you’re having a properly marathon session, but it’s especially relevant if you don’t turn your PC off very often.

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Khala avatarkilluminati avatar
Khala Avatar
1 Year ago

It's not really that complicated. The game is trying to rewrite over old caches instead of either wiping them in between or partitioning new ones

killuminati Avatar
1 Year ago

i have the same issue core i7 5700hq gtx960m

games start with 80 fps after reboot and it drops more and more to 20