The Dota 2 subreddit wants to know if you lost a PC in Auckland, NZ recently

Dota 2 subreddit lost computer

The internet is useful for many things – news, videogames, opinions, even the odd bit of titillation. If you’re an IT specialist from a shopping center in Auckland, New Zealand, it can even (hopefully) find the home of a PC left in the bushes outside.

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The tale of the abandoned, likely robbed PC begins on the Dota 2 subreddit, where poster Elrox identifies themselves as an IT manager for one of Auckland’s shopping centres. At some point yesterday a PC was found outside with the CPU and RAM missing, but everything else intact.

Elrox managed to get the hard drive working – one terabyte, nice and hefty – and identified that whoever owned the PC had Reddit as a favourite website and played quite a lot of Dota 2. Thus, they headed to the popular sub (with a quick stop off in the wrong one) to try to find the right person.

So far, they’ve been unsuccessful, despite several thousand upvotes. A search on r/NewZealand isn’t proving particularly fruitful either, but at least Elrox made some Reddit gold. They’ve gone as far as looking into different ways of messaging the owner or their friends, but logging in to anything is proving challenging without the correct passwords. And, y’know, legal stuff.

If you happened to get your PC nicked in Auckland recently, do let Elrox know.