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Dota 2 update tracker: all the latest changes to Valve’s mammoth MOBA

Dota 2 is constantly changing, so we've put together a Dota 2 update tracker to help you stay up to date

Dota 2 pacifism

Dota 2 is celebrating its biggest-ever update and what is essentially a brand new game. Well, brand new games need patches, and there’s bound to be a whole bunch of them. Below we’ve gathered some highlights from the last few to be deployed, along with links to where you can find out more.

Smaller-scale updates take place in Dota 2 nearly everyday. These updates cover everything from new items and balance changes to anti-cheat tweaks and the appearance of new cosmetics. You might also be interested in the more large-scale changes that take place every few weeks. These cover balance changes in far more detail, tweaking hero numbers and adding new content to the game when it arrives. We’ll cover them here, but you can also check out our Dota 2 patch notes posts whenever they occur.

Without further ado, however, here are the latest Dota 2 updates, covering the biggest changes heading to Valve’s record-breaking MOBA. As mentioned at the bottom of the article, these are just the latest changes, so keep checking back for more.

September 4: Patch 7.19b

Dota 2’s latest patch is here. Highlights are changes to buyback respawn time penalty, as well as changes to level 2 XP requirements, which could have a big impact on the early game. There are also changes to a host of heroes, including Spectre. You can check out full patch notes on Reddit.

August 27: The International Winners

Dota 2 The International

  • OG have been engraved into the in-game Aegis of Champions, having won The International 2018 over the weekend. Full details on Reddit.

August 24: Grimstroke

  • New Dota 2 hero Grimstroke has been added to the game, following his announcement at TI8. You can check out more information about him on Reddit.

August 21: Gabe Newell Mega Kills Pack

  • The magnificent Gabe Newell Mega Kills Announcer Pack has been added to the game, featuring such auditory excellence as “Don’t ever feed on the internet. They will remember it for eternity,” and “Please email me at [email protected] and let me know about your rampage.”

Those are the last few Dota 2 patches – more are always on the way. We’ll update when Valve do.