Dota 2 update tracker: all the latest changes to Valve’s mammoth MOBA

Dota 2 updates

Dota 2 is celebrating its biggest-ever update and what is essentially a brand new game. Well, brand new games need patches, and there’s bound to be a whole bunch of them. Below we’ve gathered some highlights from the last few to be deployed, along with links to where you can find out more.

For playing yourself, try these Dota 2 heroes.

February 15: Valentines Roshan

To help celebrate Valentine’s Day, Roshan now has adorable heart-themed particles on his attack, and the Aegis is in the shape of a heart too. Full notes on Reddit.

February 9: Musical Melee at the Sundered Moon

Awolnation Dota 2

A new music pack from AWOLNATION has arrived in game. There’s also a music video, Musical Melee at the Sundered Moon, which you can check out here. Full notes on Reddit.

February 2, 2018: Spring Cleaning

Last Hit Trainer

Dota 2’s Spring Cleaning update is live, with a host of balance changes which you can check out here. There’s also a load of new features, which you can get a look at on Reddit.

November 9: Lore updates


As well as a handful of ability and tooltip updates, today adds some bonus lore to Tusk and Razor. For a full rundown on the notes, check Reddit.

November 8: Improved input latency


Today’s update mostly focuses on bug fixes, but Valve have announced improvements to input latency. There’s also been a tweak to Tiny, stopping his Toss from cleaving buildings. Full notes on Reddit.

November 7: Attack speed and Movespeed modifiers


In today’s updates, several heroes are getting attack speed and movespeed modifiers – new animations that trigger when these stats reach a certain threshold. There are also a few blance changes to heroes including Venomancer and Tiny. Full notes can be found on Reddit.

November 3: Courier


Today’s updates see fixes to courier – it’ll no longer auto-spawn when you buy it, instead going to your inventory or stash depending on where you are. As ever, full notes can be found on Reddit.

November 1: Dueling Fates

Dueling Fates

Dueling Fates, Dota 2’s long awaited 7.07 patch, is now live. It introduces two new heroes, Pangolier and Dark Willow, as well as a whole bunch of other changes. Full notes are currently split up, so here’s links to:

October 4: Treasure of the Emerald Revival

Treasure of the Emerald Revival

Today’s updates focus on the new Treasure of the Emerald Revival. The new treasure provides cosmetics for nine heroes, including the Ultra Rare FoulFell Corrupter for Terrorblade. As ever, you can find full notes on Reddit.

October 3: Improved player behaviour


Valve are making efforts to improve player behaviour among Dota 2’s worst offenders. In part, that means better detection of smurfs, bots, feeders, and account sellers. Full notes can be found on Reddit.

September 18: End of the International

We might be slightly behind on this one, but the most recent update marked the official conclusion of the International, disabling game modes and returning the map back to its default state. You can check out the full notes on Reddit.

September 4: Hero Guides

Windrunner dota 2 battle pass patch

Valve are updatingthe upcoming in-game Hero Guide Builder. These changes haven’t been released yet, but include attaching the guides to the Steam Workshop, and tweaking the UI. Full notes are on Reddit.

August 28: Inventory tweaks

ogre magi_dotapatch

A couple of small tweaks to Ogre Magi and Luna aim to fix their inventories, and tweak both heroes’ portraits in line with those changes. As ever, full notes can be found on Reddit.

August 21: Siltbreaker Act II

siltbreaker act 2

This weekend’s updates have been almost entirely focused on getting the Siltbreaker Act II PvE mode up to date, with changes to UI, a few zones, and several champions. Full notes can be found on Reddit.

August 15: The end of TI7

team liquid

Now that The International is over, most of the changes in today’s update relate to its events. Team Liquid are now displayed on the in-game Aegis as winners, and the Arcana voting page has now been updated to show Pudge as the winner. As ever, full notes can be found on Reddit.

August 8: The Real MVP

the international 2017

Just a small set of updates today, the most important of which is that from today, if you’re watching TI7 in-client, you’ll now be able to vote for each game’s MVP. Full notes on Reddit.

August 7: Strongback the Swift

Dota 2

Strongback the Swift, the Internation 2017’s Mystery Courier and “a stalwart wayfarer,” has been added to the Trove Carafe. Full notes can be found on Reddit.

August 6: The International Updates

Windrunner dota 2 battle pass patch

Updates from the last few days continue to focus on The International, adding broadcaster tools and UI updates, as well as compendium rewards. As always, full notes can be found on Reddit.

August 2: Broadcasting tools

Today’s updates seem to focus on gearing the client up in preparation for The International. Broadcasting tools have been updated, and hero and item snippets have been updated. Full notes can be found on Reddit.

August 1: Short film finalists

Dota 2 film finalists

Valve have revealed the top 15 finalists for their short film competition, and voting is now open with the release of the latest patch. There’s also a new pin that’s exclusive for cosplayers, which can be shown off on your Steam profile. As ever, the full notes are on Reddit.

July 30: Newbie update

Tiny balance changes

The meat of this update was a change to the new player experience to try to make it less of an eternal hell for people just getting into one of the world’s most complex games. Other notes in the Reddit thread.

July 25: Collector’s Baby Roshan

Got money? Valve wants to take it. If you reach Battle Pass level 2,000 (which will cost you, approximately, as much as a fairly reasonable second-hand car) you’ll get a nickel-silver Baby Roshan statue delivered to your home. You weirdo. Other details in this patch over on Reddit.

July 20: Tooltip Update

Dota 2 updated tooltips

In a surprise move, Valve have changed Dota 2’s item tooltips. They’re infinitely more readable now, as well as being colour coded. Here’s the full version of the above image:

Not a lot else was in this patch. All the minor changes over on Reddit.

July 17: Courier fix

Dota 2 patch July 17

A new Dota 2 patch is out and it fixes a very specific, very annoying problem. From now on, if someone interrupts the Courier after you’ve given it orders, it’ll still grab your items from the fountain.

There are also a bunch of UI updates, so check out the patch notes on Reddit.

July 12: UI updates and bug fixes

Dota 2 update

Another small patch has released for Dota 2, containing a host of bug fixes and some UI improvements.Detailed talents now show up on the Guide panel, for a start. Primal spring damage has also been fixed.

As ever, check out the notes on Reddit.

July 6: All-Star voting and Fantasy League

Dota 2 all star

On top of The International 2017, Valve are hosting an All-Star match, in which tournament viewers vote on their favourite players to make up a dream team. These will then face off in a 5v5 Captains Mode match at The International, and the winning All-Star team will walk away with a $100,000 prize.

To take part, head to the Battle Pass Compendium and select your team members in the All-Star section. There are 90 players to choose form when filling up the ten available slots. The full details are on the Dota blog.

Elsewhere, there are a bunch of small changes in a new patch, including new scoring details for the Fantasy League.

As always, the full notes are on Reddit.

Those are the last few Dota 2 patches – more are always on the way. We’ll update when Valve do.