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Dota 2 updates

Dota 2 is celebrating its biggest-ever update and what is essentially a brand new game. Well, brand new games need patches, and there’s bound to be a whole bunch of them. Below we’ve gathered some highlights from the last few to be deployed, along with links to where you can find out more.

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February 14 - Dark Moon over patch

While the Dark Moon event finished a little while before, this patch cleaned up a few lingering memories.

  • Dark Moon frontpage panel removed.
  • Cosmetic fixes to items added in the event.
  • The usual bot updates.

Full list over in the Reddit thread. No official patch notes this time, Valve do pick and choose.

February 13 - Drag 'n' Drop patch

Another small-ish patch, letting you drag and drop items around the pre-game screen. Some other highlights:

  • Desaturated the default items in the hero loadout screens.
  • Arcana's and Immortal's now have their own custom Equipped markers.
  • Updated skill and item builds for a few bots.

Valve's official changelog right here and the usual Reddit thread with a bunch more info over here.

February 9 - Follow up bug-fix patch

Not a major one this, clearing up a few bugs after 7.02 switched everything around, as well as a few UI updates. Some highlights:

  • Enchantress' level 20 talent fixed.
  • Fall 2016 Battle Pass Summary now available on profiles.
  • Winter 2017 Battle Pass updated to more friendly quest progression.

No official notes, but the usual Reddit thread has a few more details.

February 9 - Major balance patch

A sizeable balance patch has arrived for Dota 2, bringing changes for 44 heroes on the roster. There are some other changes though, besides the hero, item and map tweaks. Details:

New Music Packs

  • Northern Winds | Composed by John Boberg | $4.99


  • Fixed a small bug with the Ember Spirit Smoldering Sage set particles.
  • Minor animation fixes to Gyrocopter.

Winter 2017 Battle Pass

  • The "Use Force Staff" challenge now counts Hurricane Pike usage.

UI Updates

  • The background textures of the shop UI have been updated.
  • The title of the "Suggested Build" has been changed to "Default Guide" instead.
  • Made a bunch of tiny changes to the shop / scoreboard and other elements on the UI so they function better.
  • The Fall Battle Pass 2016 Summary page has been added to the profile.

Tooltip Updates

  • 7.02 related changes have been updated in the tooltips.
  • Clarity and Flask descriptions have been updated to reflect the fact that they get dispelled upon being attacked by an enemy hero or Roshan.

This is courtesy of a Reddit post by SirBelvedere, analysing this patch in full.

January 27 - Dark Moon event

A hefty Dota 2 update has just landed, but it includes much more than just the Dark Moon event. There are plenty of changes to go through, including general, UI and console updates, not to mention the fact that the Winter Battle Pass is now available. Details:

General updates

  • Winter Battle Pass now available, will expire on April 24, 2017. Works much like the Fall Pass and can be leveled up to Level 60 for a variety of rewards.
  • Adds Wagering, Achievements & The Kiev Compendium, which features the return of the Player Cards & Fantasy League.
  • Winter-themed seasonal terrain added, expires at the end of the season.
  • Three new quests with three rewards, Path of the Paragon, Path of the Inquisitor and Path of the Skirmisher.
  • Level 1 rewards: Winter Treasure 1, Winter 2017 Battle Cup Ticket, 6 x Winter 2017 Player Card Packs
  • Winter Treasure 2 and 3 unreleased.
  • New Emoticons (dunno, exclamation, venom and brood_love) added.
  • New Taunts: Raging Bull: Spirit Breaker, Timeless Classic: Faceless Void.
  • Dark Moon Reward Wheel loot added.

UI updates

  • Filter to show only Event Games or hide them added in Profile.
  • Ability Cast Range indicator has been added for Unstable Concoction.
  • Shiva's Guard now includes ‘shivas’ alias in Item Search.
  • You can now hover over the abilities on the Kill Graph.
  • The shadow on the chat text has been tweaked.
  • Added "Play " button to the Custom Game page in the Arcade Tab.
  • A typo in the name of one of the chat regions in Philippines and Finland has been fixed.
  • Bots now have chat commands to notify of the power ups and runes in the game.

Console Updates

  • Added lots of console commands that dealing with inverse kinematics and ragdoll physics for animations. You can enable this by using the command: enable_ik <0/1> | CHEAT.
  • Grass flattening effect appears to be in the works.
  • Some sound and VR related console command updates.

This is all according to a Reddit post by SirBelvedere who has done a full patch analysis.

Those are the last five Dota 2 patches - more are always on the way. We'll update when Valve do.

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