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Dota 2 updates

Dota 2 is celebrating its biggest-ever update and what is essentially a brand new game. Well, brand new games need patches, and there’s bound to be a whole bunch of them. Below we’ve gathered some highlights from the last few to be deployed, along with links to where you can find out more.

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May 19 - Sunken Relic update

cm crystal maiden dota 2

Another minor update this time, which enables the Battle Cup panel and makes the Sunken Relic a tradable item. Besides that, some commands have been removed from the console and the South African server has moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

The Reddit post has all the details.

May 18 - Io Arcana update

Io Dota 2

Great news for Io players, as Valve have created a special Arcana for the formless blue wisp. Besides that major addition, this update was relatively light with it adding new item set for various bot champions, and correcting the tooltip on one of Chen's level 20 talent.

As always, full details are available via the Reddit post.

May 16 - 7.06 clean up

axe dota 2

Following the raft of changes in 7.06, Valve's subsequent update was mainly to tidy up any oversights from the patch. Full details can be found in the usual Reddit thread but the big tweaks were:

  • Pinging items in your backpack now tells your team that they are in your backpack and if they are on cooldown
  • All tooltips and notes should now match the changes seen in 7.06
  • Wukong's Command base attack time has been raised from 1.6 to 1.7
  • Shadow Fiend's Shadow Raze has been fixed to be 125 instead of 150

May 15 - Patch 7.06

Windrunner dota 2 battle pass patch

Overhauling Dota 2's main systems yet again, there is a lot to go over in patch 7.06. For the full run down of the 7.06 changes, check out our dedicated post but some of the highlights were:

  • Denying creeps now grants the denying team XP
  • Neutrals spawn every minute, while shrines have been significantly nerfed
  • Roshan is now harder to kill and drops Cheese sooner
  • Every hero's respawn talent has been changed

May 12 - More TI7 Battle Pass fixes

sniper dota 2

Another round of minor bug fixes on May 12 to rectify more issues with the TI7 Battle Pass. Here are the main highlights:

  • Monkey King finally got his missing immortal icon
  • Ogre Magi's second style should now unlock properly
  • TI7 Style items are now either named Original or Illustrious

A full list of the updates is available on the Reddit thread.

May 11 - TI7 Battle Pass Achievements

Dota 2

Two patch updates on May 11, mainly focusing on the T17 Battle Pass. Achievements have been added for participating in the Arcana Vote (votes already cast will contribute to these). Lane info has been updated, as well as scripting. Here are the highlights:

New achievements: 

  • Representative Dotacracy: Cast a vote in the Arcana vote 
  • Dota Arcana Committee: Cast votes in the Arcana vote for 10 out of 12 weeks. 
  • The True Spirit of Dota: Gift a battle pass to a friend and have them unwrap it (bags you 2000 points).

Other updates:

  • Lane info updated for Timbersaw, Tusk, Elder Titan, Legion Commander, Ember Spirit, Earth Spirit, Terrorblade, Phoenix, Techies, Winter Wyvern, Arc Warden, and Underlord. 
  • CScriptHTTPRequest async callback fixed
  • Consoles: engine_experimental_drop_frame_ticks command now disabled

Full details of the scripting updates can be found on Reddit.

 May 10 - In-game UI patch and bug fixes

Dota 2

The focus here is fixes with the T17 Battle Pass, in UI and Challenges. See below:

  • Level 2000 reward slot on Battle Pass bug fixed
  • Challenge fix: Fixed bug with the smoke gank enemies with assists challenge to detect the buff loss on the entire team, not only the hero 
  • In-game UI update: Courier icon to the right of the HUD now shows the number of items you have on the courier
  • A few adjustments to textures

See the full list here on Reddit.

Nothing massive to report, but bug fixes are always welcome.

Those are the last few Dota 2 patches - more are always on the way. We'll update when Valve do.

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1 Week ago

hey valve ... why wont u stop putting updates... this is insane non of any game has more update like this.... is this a dota or a update machine ?? before this dota 2 .. warcraft was good.... no updates chill to play only we have to download map... dnt try to use this dota as a business...