The finale to Dota 2’s multiplayer campaign won’t come out until after The International

The International 2017 Dota 2

The final details for The International 2017 are being put in place now, as everyone gets prepared for the group stages to start in just a week and a half. Who’s casting the tournament, where you can go to watch it, and more important details are all being announced.

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First of all, the host for the main event this year is Sean ‘Day9’ Plott. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a caster and presenter that has only semi-recently began playing and working on Dota 2-related things, but has a long history in StarCraft 2 and, well, most esports. You can see the full list of casters and presenters in the compendium or on the dashboard.

This also comes with the news that the newcomer streams will be returning – these streams, for the main event, are aimed at folks who don’t know the game too well and so aims to explain things like abilities, items, and so on.

If you want to watch The International 2017 in a group, the Barcraft United are organising pubstomps, where people can watch in a group at, well, pubs.

Finally: the Battle Pass has been extended again. It will now end on 18 September to allow players ample time to play the finale of the co-op campaign when it releases after The International.

You can see all of these details over on the official blog post, with more details in-game and on the official The International 2017 website.