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Netflix’s Dota show will have “cursing and naked Davion butt”

I'm not sure if this is a warning or a promise

Dota is getting an animated series – or ‘anime’, as Netflix insists on calling all its adult-oriented action cartoons. The emphasis is definitely on the ‘adult’ part, too. A writer on the show has confirmed that Dota: Dragon Blood follows in the footsteps of the Castlevania series with plenty of adult content, both foul language and nudity. At last, naked videogame characters on the internet.

“Warning,” writer Amy Chu says on Twitter, “this show is not for the kiddies! There’s cursing and naked Davion butt… think Castlevania.” I’m not sure if that’s actually a warning, or more of a promise, but such is the way of NSFW notices in 2021. You might be working from home anyway, what’s NSFW really mean these days?

Either way, Dota: Dragon Blood is an eight episode series that’ll hit Netflix on March 25. The streaming giant has had plenty of animated takes on a variety of videogame properties already, though some have certainly been more successful than others. Castlevania was great, though Dragon’s Dogma not so much. Here’s hoping Dota: Dragon’s Blood proves successful.

If you missed it, check out the trailer below.

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