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Valve has filed a trademark for ‘Dota Underlords’

Dota’s landmark esports tournament, The International, is fast approaching, but some big news from Valve’s MOBA seems to be emerging already. A trademark for ‘Dota Underlords’ was filed by Valve on May 6, 2019, and was accepted three days later.

It’s possible that whatever this property is will be revealed at this year’s summer competition, but it could be a wide variety of things. While it’s unlikely that this is a new Dota game entirely – you’ll want to stick to Dota Auto Chess for that – we would be hesitant in ruling out Dota Underlords as a new mobile title. With the Diablo Immortal reveal in mind, we’re bracing ourselves for The Discourse already if that’s the case.

While it seems obvious that this filing relates to Vrogros, the Underlord, a melee strength hero, the trademark’s ‘Classification Information’ section is pretty confounding. It encompasses a dizzying number of things such as something to do with “life-saving and teaching apparatus and equipment” as well as “calculating machines, data-processing equipment and computers”. Basically, the true nature of Dota Underlords is anyone’s guess.

Other than this, we have no concrete details as to what fans can expect from TI 2019. However, the tournament two years ago played host to the reveal of Artifact, so there’s certainly a chance that there will be a big announcement. But, despite the hype around the Dota-inspired card game, its player base plummeted and forthcoming Artifact updates are on hold in order to address “deep-rooted issues with the game.”

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Currently we’re crossing our fingers for Dota Underlords to be as big a deal as Valve’s first foray into the card games genre, but we’ll have to check our excitement until we hear more; the last thing we want is to get our hopes up for a Funko POP.

Regardless, we have approached Valve for comment and we’ll update this if we hear more.