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From March 6, Valve won't replace fraudulently traded or sold community items on Steam

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If you hadn't already added the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator to your account by the end of the day yesterday, you may notice that Valve are making some security tweaks to trading and community market transactions over the coming week.

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If you partake in a bit of trading on Steam and you haven't used the aforementioned Mobile Authenticator before today, you will have to wait 15 days while trades sit on hold, unless you're trading with someone you've been Steam friends with for over a year - in which case it will be on hold for one day. The 15 day hold also applies to community market listings.

Valve explained the changes in a Steam news post: "Trade holds are effective, but unfortunately the current three-day hold fails to protect users who log in less frequently and who need more time to identify a problem. So we'll be adjusting the system to accommodate the majority of customers by increasing trade holds to 15 days." 

On top of this, Valve will no longer replace items from your account following a successful trade or market transaction. While this might seem like a harsh change, particularly if you are the victim of a hacked account and you rarely check Steam, Valve do make a good argument for why they won't be replacing items.

"Currently, if an account is compromised and items have been lost through a successful trade or market transaction, we would manually restore the items, creating duplicates of the original items in the process," explain Valve. "That process of manual restoration and duplication has the negative side effect of changing an item's scarcity - as more copies of the item are created, the value of every other similar item is reduced. In addition, it created a method by which users could be rewarded for faking account hijacks." 

Valve will still help you recover your account, but from March 9th it seems regularly checking your account is in your hands only. As previously stated, other than that last point about replacing items, these changes won't affect you if you have been using the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator since before today.

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