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Red Bull Battle Grounds Dota 2 regional qualifiers start next week; 20 will become 5

Red Bull Battle Grounds: Dota 2 regional qualifier

Next week sees the first battles in Red Bull Battle Grounds new Dota 2 tournament circuit kick off. The grand final is still over a month away, but the first regional qualifier begins on Monday, April 6th, where four South East Asian teams will batter each other senseless for a spot in May 5th’s playoffs. 

On April 6th, Rave, MVP Phoenix, Can’t Say Wips and EHOME will face each other online, followed by the China, CIS, EU and NA regional qualifiers on April 12th, 16th, 17th and 28th, respectively. Each of the qualifiers will take place online, and you’ll only be able to watch them through the streams.

After the teams have been whittled down to five, each regional winner will face off in the playoffs on May 5th, in Santa Monica. On May 10th, a best of five final will take place between the two remaining teams.

You’ll be able to watch the regional qualifiers over on the Red Bull Battle Grounds site, or on Twitch on Monday at 1am PDT/9am BST.