The Foreseer’s Contract Dota 2 update sets the stage for a new hero: the Oracle

Dota 2 The Contract

A new update is on the horizon for Dota 2, and while it doesn’t promise anything concrete yet, it’s left some pretty damning evidence of a new hero coming to the game. The Oracle is a brand new hero to Dota 2; being not from the original hero roster used back in the original Warcraft III mod.

Also hinted was the new Phantom Assassin Arcana, that was voted for by the community at this year’s Dota 2 International.

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The Oracle is an all-seeing wizard who can alter the very destiny of his allies (or enemies), in order to gain the advantage. Being an intelligence hero, he’ll fling magic from the backlines, debuffing his enemies and buffing his allies.

Dota 2 Oracle

Here’s his abilities:

Fortune’s End: A channeling ability with up to a 2.5 second cast time. Oracle can choose to let loose the bolt of energy at any time, dealing damage and purging an area. The duration of the purge mirrors the length of the channel.

Fate’s Edict: This spell renders the target unable to attack, but grants them 100% spell resistance. On the flipside it also increases damage taken from other types of damage e.g. physical and pure. This can be cast on both enemies and allies.

Purifying Flames: This ability deals a bunch of damage to the target, before applying a health regen buff. The healing will always outweigh the damage if left for the entire duration. This again, can be cast on both enemies and allies.

False Promise: Oracle’s ultimate ability is rather mad. It’s a long duration buff to an ally that removes all negative effects, and delaying any and all damage/healing to that ally. It also grants them invisibility when moving or attacking. Any damage or healing received during this buff is applied at the end of the duration, but the healing value is doubled.

The update also comes with an interesting comic involving the Oracle, but also Phantom Assassin, who’s due to receive a model changing Arcana item. Today was only the first part of the comic, so check back for the next installment where hopefully more features are revealed.