Dota 2’s new hero Underlord looks stunning in 4K

Dota 2 Underlord

If you’ve not had a chance to jump into Dota 2 and see the new hero in action, what better way to see Underlord in all his gory glory than some 4K max settings gameplay?

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While everyone’s struggling to figure out exactly where the big boy fits into a lane dynamic or meta, we’ve had a bit of fun playing him as an offlane who sets up for other good AoE ultimates, as well as carting your team to ganks and tower pushes. Here you can see us approximating the sort of stuff you should be doing with Underlord in startlingly pretty 4K, who knew Dota could look so good? Y’know, when you ignore the blatant feeds.

You can catch the rest of our dual-1080 beast’s 4K gameplay on the YouTube channel and if you have a game you particularly want to see it easily glide through at maximum resolution and settings, let us know in the comments. Also, smash that like and subscribe if you are good and nice and, importantly, like what you see.

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