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The next Dota 2 Reddit community Captain’s Mode tournament lands this Valentine’s weekend

You can celebrate Valentine's weekend by jumping into a Dota 2 contest

Windranger readies her bow in Dota 2.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Whether its very mention conjures images of roses, chocolate, and hearts or a gush fest of crowded restaurants and overpriced teddy bears, there’s no denying its arrival does herald a bunch of fun in-game events. The r/dota2 Discord community organisers team holds a monthly contest event, and the next one in store lands this coming Valentine’s weekend, which means a bunch of teams battling it out in a Captain’s Mode tournament.

As announced on the MOBA game’s subreddit, the Valentine’s iteration of the monthly tournament (which has been running for nearly two years) will see eight teams of five players take on a single-elimination, best-of-one bracket over a few hours on February 13. Each game will be played using Dota 2’s Captain’s Mode – the standard option used in competitive play. Players with at least 1000 MMR are welcome to apply, and players will get assigned to their team based on their MMR, with the captain doing each team’s drafting having the highest on the team by default.

Prizes on offer include “Alliance 2019 Jerseys”, Alliance being the event’s title sponsor, with a “choice between Loda’s or Alliance named (EU and UK shipping only – winners outside of these regions can claim a $10 Steam gift code)”, some special roles on the relevant Discord server, and subreddit flairs.

If you’re keen to throw your hat into the ring, it’s worth noting some rules – for example, it’s a first-come-first-served deal (though there is a waitlist), the tournament will be played on EU servers and in English language, you’ll need to be available for check-in between 13:00 and 14:15 UTC on the day, and – of course – cheating and abusing bugs are not allowed in any form. You can check out the full details below:

r/dota2’s Valentines Reddit TI! from DotA2

If you’re thinking of signing up, you might find our Dota 2 heroes and Dota 2 neutral items guides handy. This month’s contest kicks off on February 13 at 07:00 PT / 10:00 ET / 15:00 GMT.