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Valve details Dota 2 Reborn custom games and developer tools

Dota 2 Reborn part 2

Valve have shared the second part of their Dota 2 Reborn unveiling, this time focusing on the introduction of custom games, and the developer tools that will power them. Using the new client, UI and Source 2 engine, custom games will allow the entire Dota 2 community to create whatever they want with help to the Hammer Level Editor.

There’s a lot to see, so take a leap below and see it all in action.

First up – a snazzy trailer.

It’s pretty clear that Valve understand, appreciate and respect the roots that led to not only the creation of Dota 2, but their other popular games.

“Custom Games are new experiences that are created by the community, and playable within Dota 2.” said Valve in their blogpost. “These games can be anything from a grand brawl between ten Invokers, to a story-driven dungeon adventure, to something creative that no one has seen before. For us, Custom Games represent a continuation of the tradition that gave birth to Dota, Team Fortress and Counter-Strike. We’d like to build an ecosystem where you can experience something new every time you launch Dota 2.”

With the Reborn update, will ship with some Valve-approved custom games, such as Overthrow, along with community made favourites, such as Pudge Wars.

Modders will need to use the Hammer Level Editor to create these games. It’s pretty extensive: materials, textures, models effects and even Lua scripting can be accomplished within the editor. Once you’ve got your custom game ready, you’ll be able to publish it to a page dedicated to custom games, where authors can receive feedback and publish patch notes.

Soon, the final part of Valve’s reveal will take place, and give us a date as to when we can try out this new and better version of Dota 2. If you missed the last one, you can check it out here.