Valve to split ginormous Dota 2 International prize pool more evenly this year

The Dota Newcomers Broadcast has helped introduce new fans to pro-level play.

In all the goodwill surrounding The International’s community-funded prize pool, the only grumbling point was its distribution. A few Dota 2 pros would become millionaires one evening in Seattle, it seemed, but the rest would be no better off for all those Compendiums sold.

Valve have redressed the balance: the 10-million-dollar-plus prize pool will be split more evenly between The International’s winners than in previous years.

Valve contributed $1 million to The International prize pool a month and a half ago – and pledged to add $2.50 more for every sale of their Compendium. The digital book grants users a way to track and bet on International matches, as well as a host of in-game benefits unlocked as stretch rewards.

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Dota 2 players pushed the prize pool to a new total of $10,327,429 – of which $4,750,617 will go to The International’s eventual winners on July 21.

The team in second place will have over a million to split between them, at $1,394,203. And the outfit in third place will be $981,106 richer. Here’s how the money will be divided between the rest:

Fourth Place – $774,557

5/6th Place – $619,646

7/8th Place – $490,553

9/10th Place – $46,473

11/12th Place – $36,146

13/14th Place – $20,655

Elsewhere, Valve are inaugurating a Dota Newcomers Broadcast. There’ll be official English-language commentary running alongside the main stream, aimed at bringing a basic understanding of professional lane-navigation in one of the 100 best free PC games to beginners.

Sales of the 2014 Dota 2 International Compendiumbegan as they meant to continue – the book outsold its predecessor in one day. Did you have anything to do with that?