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Dota Underlords is going to start putting heroes in jail

The new feature will make it easier to rank up characters

Valve has been teasing a substantial update for auto-battler Dota Underlords for the last several weeks, running previews of features for the past few days. The latest of these is a literal prison that’s been made to help sort some of the issues with the ever-expanding roster.

Revealed in a community post (ta, RockPaperShotgun), the jail will effectively remove eight-to-12 heroes per day from the playable pool, thus enhancing the odds of finding a suitable opponent for whoever you choose to play with. The issue stems from the sheer amount of playable heroes, with 12 more coming with the start of season one. Ranking them up if they were all freely available all the time would be difficult, to say the least, so instead Valve will be arbitrarily removing some so you only have whomever’s available to focus on.

All alliances can still be completed, however. The selection process for who gets banned each day will work around them so someone’s always available to get those sweet, sweet bonuses.

In addition to giving heroes a daily time-out, the last two new heroes of the upcoming ‘Big Update’ were revealed. They are: Io, a tier three primordial druid with the power to tether themselves to an opponent, and Faceless Void, an ace tier primordial assassin who can create a “blister in spacetime”.

As already revealed content for the expansion, they join the likes of tier one heartless demon Shadow Demon, ace tier human scaled knight Sven, and tier two troll healer Dazzle, as well as some new alliances such as healers and insects.

No exact date for the big update on Dota Underlords just yet, but we expect it’s imminent – watch this space.