Dota Underlords is finally getting Underlords

Plus Duos, new heroes, and a big UI revamp

dota underlords update

Early Access game development offers a chance for even studios as big as Valve to involve their communities in shaping a game’s future. That means that Early Access games often ship early on without major features – but I still think it’s super-weird that Dota Underlords somehow launched without its titular Underlords. That’s finally about to change in an impending Dota Underlords update.

Underlords will hit Dota Underlords in “a few weeks,” according to a new breakdown of upcoming features. Valve says that “the team is really excited about this feature – these Underlords are a core part of the game and we think they will add a layer of fun and strategy to every match.” Judging by limited bits of official info out there, these will be selectable characters which will offer unique gameplay bonuses as you play matches.

Before that, we’ll get a Duos game mode, which will launch “in the next week or two.” As the name implies, it’ll let you party up with a friend and do battle with three other teams in casual or ranked variations.

Besides all that, there will also be “massive changes” to UI, specifically focused on the PC addition. We’re also going to start seeing more new heroes and alliances in the relatively near future.

All this will go live as part of season 0, before the launch of season 1 and the full, 1.0 release of the game. Of course, Valve notes that any of the details between now and then remain subject to change.