Dota Underlords rank progression is getting an upgrade – “hopefully” next week

A Valve dev says it'll make "progression more clear and predictable"

Climbing the ranks in Valve’s autobattler Dota Underlords has a certain level of mystery. You know what rank you are, and you’ll likely have an idea of how to get to the next rank up, but there’s currently no way to see your progress between ranks, leaving a number of players feeling like they’re in limbo. However, it looks like that’s about to change. A Valve developer appears to have revealed that the studio is bringing a new ranking system to the game – visible rank progression.

The developer, who goes by the username Fletcherd, has said in the Dota Underlords Discord (via, and captured on Reddit, “we’re working on an overhaul to ranked. The biggest change will be to make the progression more clear and predictable”. It sounds, then, like players will be able to chart their progress through the levels more easily. Pretty exciting stuff if you’ve been feverishly busy chasing down that next rank and are keen to see how it’s paying off.

It looks like players can expect this change soon, too. The dev adds an idea of when the change will come in: “hopefully in next week’s update”. If true, this means a pretty big boost of excitement for players could be heading to the game in just a matter of days.

Other updates on the horizon for the autobattler, which is currently in early access, include ranked matchmaking. As this implies, Valve is set to introduce a feature that will see everyone start at the bottom, but then rise through the ranks by battling it out against other Underlords to claim victory – and rule White Spire.

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Fletcherd’s revelation is pretty light on detail, so how this “overhaul to ranked” will work exactly is unclear just now. Whether Valve will look to do something similar to the ranking systems seen in other competitive multiplayers like Overwatch, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, or League of Legends, or perhaps do their own unique spin, we’ll just have to wait and see. Given the dev’s comments, hopefully we won’t be waiting very long at all.