Bastion’s Narrator might become a Dota 2 announcer


Rucks, the narrator from Bastion, might be popping up on the Dota 2 store as an announcer at some point in the future. Commenting in a Reddit thread asking for just such a thing, Bastion writer Greg Kasavin said he was a massive fan of Dota 2, and bringing Rucks in for something like that might just be on the cards. 

On the threat he states ‘A couple of us at Supergiant are huge fans of Dota 2 (I myself have spent 289 hours in the beta so far according to Steam)’ which isn’t a paltry amount by any calculations, and he goes on to say ‘This has crossed our minds, all the more knowing there’s some interest out there. We’re total sticklers for how we use our character… we were careful not to relegate him to play-by-play commentary in our own game.’ The announcer, for those unfamiliar, is the voice that calls out Multikills, warns of towers being attacked, and bemoans the loss of couriers. As such it’s quite limited in what’s actually said, but that doesn’t mean that the writing team behind Bastion isn’t up to the task of making it interesting.
‘We have some thoughts about how we could do this in a way that’s appropriate. I can’t promise anything, I just wanted to acknowledge this if only as an excuse to say Bastion and Dota 2 in the same sentence.’ Which does have a kind of ring to it, it must be said. And having Rucks commentate on the very rare occasion that I might grab a multikill is a pretty tantalising proposition. Let’s hope it becomes a reality.