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Check out Valve’s incestuous family of voice actors


Oh, now this is something. I remember being delighted to discover that both the (apparent) death throes of GlaDOS in Portal 1 and a clutch of gurgling zombie noises in Left 4 Dead had emerged from the same VO session with chameleonic twisted pop mastermind Mike Patton. It turns out that’s only the tip of the infographic when it comes to Valve’s inter-project history of voice acting.


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Gosh, there really aren’t very many of them, are there? Dota 2 in particular appears to divide its myriad roles between just a handful of actors. And it transpires that affable everyman Nolan North is in fact every person – claiming no less than fourteen separate roles across Dota, Portal and TF2.

He’s rivalled only by Sniper man John Patrick Lowrie and spouse Ellen McLain, whose malleable chords can be heard across every single game in the Orange Box – TF2, Portal, Half-Life 2 and its two episodes.

Knowing what you now do, do you think you can pick a favourite?

Thanks, Destructoid.