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Dota 2 G-1 League to tentatively resume April 23 following DDOS attacks

Dota 2

G-1 organisers 17173 will pick up the League where it left off after a week’s DDOS-enforced hiatus on Tuesday, GosuGamers report. Absolute Legends and Team Liquid will be the first to test whether the attacks, which crippled last week’s games, will continue.

Absolute Legends v Team Liquid is the first best-of-three match of the tournament’s second round, and is scheduled to begin at 10am CEST.

G-1 targeted DDOS attacks began on Sunday, when Evil Geniuses were disconnected from their match with Absolute Legends. After repeated attempts to reconnect failed, admins were forced to declare Absolute Legends winners due to an early advantage.

The attacks continued until Tuesday, when 17173 declared a temporary suspension of all scheduled matches.

“Over the past few days, the G-1 Western Qualifiers has been the subject of DDoS attacks from unknown sources, which has caused players to continuously disconnect and made it impossible to carry out the competition,” read an official statement, translated by Redditors.

“In light of the current situation, 17173 has decided to postpone the Western Qualifiers while waiting for a technical solution, possibly from Valve.”

Team Dignitas’ Aui claimed on Twitter that his IP had been acquired by hackers from his Steam Friends list, but others have speculated that a known Skype IP exploit has been used to carry out the attacks.

Do you think whatever technical solution 17173 might have found will hold out for the rest of the competition? And for the future of Dota 2 as an eSport?