Dota 2 gets Bastion announcer pack, Polycount contest winners items, and a patch


It’s all go in Dota land: firstly, you can now have the voice of Bastion’s narrator, Rucks, as an announcer within the game; all of the Polycount Contest winners’ items have been added to the item store; and a parity patch has tweaked and balanced a number of the game’s heroes.

All of this below.

The Bastion Announcer Pack adds one of gaming’s best-beloved voices to Dota 2, that of Rucks, the gravelly voiced, old man, narrator (or Logan Cunningham if we must insist on using his voice actor name).

If you’ve not heard his work before, lend me your ear:

The announcer pack will set you back $10 and itadds a host of new dialogue and has at least on line of dialogue unique to each hero in Dota 2.

Next up, the Polycount Contest winners have had their items added to the store too.

The update came as part of a larger patch, the notes of which are copied in below:

– Frostivus arrives…and is cancelled by the Greeviling!
– Added Polycount Contest Winner Items (11 new hero sets)
– 6.77 gameplay parity update


– Alchemist: Fixed Unstable Concoction charge time counting when it was released rather than impacted
– Alchemist: Fixed Unstable Concoction being dodgeable
– Bane: Fixed base damage being too low
– Centaur: Fixed Centaur’s Return instantly killing Zombies
– Luna: Fixed Lunar Blessing affecting some non-hero units like Familiars and Spirit Bear
– Spectre: Fixed Desolate not dealing damage to enemy heroes if they are near neutrals
– Timbersaw: Timberchain sometimes missing trees at max range
– Timbersaw: Fixed different elevations causing an invisible Chakram
– Timbersaw: Adjusted hitbox
– Timbersaw: Fixed Return Chakram proccing Magic Stick
– Warlock: Fixed Golem’s Flaming Fists not dealing damage to the primary attack target


– Added a toggle option for Chat Message sound
– Fixed day night images being incorrectly rotated
– Updated Timbersaw’s recommended items
– Fixed lifetime timer alignment
– Adjusted Chat Message sound level


Ancient Apparition
– Chilling Touch manacost rescaled from 140 to 110/120/130/140

– Batrider can no longer attack while using Flaming Lasso

Bounty Hunter
– Track no longer reduces armor

Centaur Warrunner
– Movement speed decreased from 305 to 300
– Double Edge no longer interrupts channeling
– Stampede now applies a 100% slow instead of a stun (as always, units cannot be slowed below 100 movement speed)

– Agility growth increased from 1.2 to 2.3

– Shallow Grave cast range rescaled from 400/600/800/1000 to 550/700/850/1000

Doom Bringer
– Scorched Earth now also affects other units you control
– Doom now has too much armor! (+1)

Drow Ranger
– Trueshot Aura now only affects non-hero units within 900 range of Drow

– Aftershock stun duration rescaled from 0.3/0.7/1.2/1.5 to 0.6/0.9/1.2/1.5
– Aftershock damage increased from 25/45/75/115 to 50/75/100/125
– Enchant Totem cooldown decreased from 6 to 5

– Untouchable AS reduction increased from 20/40/60/80 to 20/50/80/110

– Ice Path damage from 100 to 25/50/75/100

– Base Int increased from 15 to 17
– Spirit Wolves armor increased by 1

– Skewer no longer affects magic immune units
– Skewer cast range rescaled from 1200 to 600/800/1000/1200
– Reverse Polarity duration decreased from 2.5/3.25/4 to 2.25/3/3.75

– Moonlight Shadow duration increased from 11 to 15 seconds

– Cast animation time decreased from 0.4 to 0.25

– Reaper’s Scythe stun/delay increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds

– Purification cast range rescaled from 400/500/600/700 to 700

– Illusory Orb cooldown decreased from 13 to 12

– Decrepify cooldown decreased from 13/11/9/7 to 12/10/8/6

Shadow Demon
– Shadow Poison cooldown decreased from 3 to 2.75

– Base agility increased by 6

– Haunt no longer ends when you use reality (the targeted illusion is still replaced by you though)

– Great Cleave damage decreased from 25/40/55/70 to 20/35/50/65
– Warcry duration decreased from 8 to 7 seconds

Templar Assassin
– Refraction manacost increased from 75 to 100

Treant Protector
– Damage increased by 10
– Leech Seed cooldown decreased from 18/16/14/12 to 16/14/12/10
– Overgrowth cooldown decreased from 80 to 70
– Living Armor damage instances increased from 6 to 7
– Living Armor can be cast through the minimap (only considers heroes and towers/rax in this mode)

– Decay damage reduced from 40/80/120/160 to 20/60/100/140

Vengeful Spirit
– Wave of Terror damage increased from 18.75/37.5/56.25/75 to 30/50/70/90

– Base strength increased by 3

– Shadow Word cooldown decreased from 20 to 16

– Shukuchi damage increased from 90/100/110/120 to 90/110/130/150

– Strength growth increased from 1.8 to 2.3

– Crit multiplier decreased from 2.7 to 2.4
– Recipe cost decreased from 1200 to 1000

– Damage decreased from 35 to 30

Eye of Skadi
– HP bonus increased from 200 to 250
– MP bonus increase from 150 to 250

Shiva’s Guard
– Freezing Aura’s attack speed reduction increased from 25 to 30

Neutral Harpy Storm
– Chain Lightning manacost reduced from 90 to 50

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