Dota 2 is getting a ‘Frostivus’ update, which could include ice-skating


Some studious dissection of the latest Dota 2 patch has revealed scraps of information about the game’s upcoming Christmas map and gamemode, charmingly titled Frostivus. What we know about Frostivus would fit on the back of a Christmas stamp, with scant assets merely hinting at what the update might entail. There are snowy footprints, a Greevil hero, breathy condensation and ice-skating sound effects. All very Chrismussy indeed!

If you want to try to peek at your presents before Dota 2 officially hands them over to you, you can find the complete patch teardown over on, . Some other interesting nuggets to digest: the new Bastion announcer’s lines are included in full, and a whole set of unreleased cosmetic items are exposed.

A new holiday is born! A Frostivus for the rest of us.

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