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A Dota 2 inflatable donkey is all you need to make your friends worry about you


Dota 2’s known for its complexity – multi-layered mechanics, move routines that have been finely honed to produce the highest DPS, item sets that when combined just so create a golden ratio of armour, damage, and, er, something else positive – but a lesser known quantity is its donkeys and its promotion of donkey love.

That love has now been capitalised upon, providing fans a means by which they may love a Dota 2 donkey at home when their friends are otherwise occupied and can’t commit to a game. Yes, Think Geek have made an inflatable Dota 2 donkey.

The Donkey, like all donkey’s, comes with a packed feature set:

  • Inflatable Donkey Courier from DOTA 2
  • Stands three feet tall when fully inflated!
  • Comes with a special unlock code for the Zonkey Courier in DOTA 2.
  • Note: Does not actually deliver your mail or fly. But you can use your imagination!

It’s available for your admiration here. And it can be yours for $40.

Though, whilst we’re looking at inflatable donkeys, here is Eeyore.