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Dota 2 International compendium updated with fantasy team tournament and collectible pro cards

Dota 2 Deny

If you’re new to Dota 2’s interactive International compendium, think of it as a 21st Century almanac. In the place of star charts and recipes for Eggs Benedict, Valve have filled their virtual tome with match betting facilities, Most Valuable Player polls, fixtures and up-to-the-minute results. And because it’s digital, see, it doesn’t have to stop getting better.

A weekend update has seen the big book stuffed with new pages featuring player trading cards and fantasy teams. Both come with the promise of in-game rewards at the end of the tournament.

Dota has always seemed ripe for fantasy football-isms, and Valve have finally obliged with the ‘International Fantasy Challenge’. Using the compendium, fans can now put together teams, drawing on any of the players attending this year’s International. An accompanying leaderboard will track the progress of these fantasy teams, and you’ll earn in-game items based on your managerial prowess.

If that’s not a step into flag-waving fandom enough for you, try the update’s trading cards, each emblazoned with the face of a favourite player. ‘Stamp’ them into the Compendium’s team pages to earn more customisation options for your International Courier, and collect the whole set for a mythical crab mount.

Also new to the compendium is the ability to vote on players you’d like to see take part in a potential Solo Championship, as well as another ten to participate in an All-Star Match. All hypothetical at this stage, of course. Cough.

The Compendium is currently selling for £5.99 on the Dota 2 store, and the main event isn’t due to start for another couple of weeks. Will you be buying your way into the book before then?

Thanks, PC Gamer.