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Dota 2 International prize pool passes $8 million thanks to immortal items

Dota 2 Lion

The community funded prize pool for this year’s Dota 2 International shows no signs of slowing down: surpassing $8 million dollars. With it unlocked a new stretch goal in which compendium owners can vote for which hero they would like to see a model update for. The achievement was attained after an incredible $1 million dollars was raised in just one day alone, following the release of brand new immortal items.

Players have been able to purchase Dota 2 Compendiums – a digital tournament companion book – for a little over three weeks. Every purchase adds $2.50 to the prize pool, along with additional contributions for players that buy Compendium points to level it up and attain greater rewards.

One of these rewards was an assortment of new rare “immortal” grade items, which have a distinct look while altering the skill effects of various heroes. Following their release there was a huge spike in Compendium point purchases, boosting the pool by over $1 million dollars in just over 24 hours.

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The prize pool is sitting at $8,184,730 dollars at the time of writing: over 400% of the initial $1.6 million dollars Valve invested. If the prize distribution is the same as last years International, first place will now take home a ridiculous $4 million dollars.

If that doesn’t boggle your mind, this will:

I think it’s no longer a question of if, but when.