The Dota 2 International Qualifiers have kicked off; watch the American qualifier now | PCGamesN

The Dota 2 International Qualifiers have kicked off; watch the American qualifier now

Dota 2 International Qualifiers

The Dota 2 International Qualifiers have just kicked off this evening, starting with the American qualifier, which will end on May 15th, with the South East Asian qualifier starting the next day. 

The qualifier streams are split between European and American hubs filled with casters and pro-players watching and providing commentary. Match specific streams are also available so you can catch the matches you want to watch. 

The 18:00 - 19:20 CEST slot, on right now, sees Revenge take on Isurus, Shadows fight SNA, CNB and Top5 clash and ehug duke it out with Union. 

Seven best of one rounds will take place, split into four match streams. The action will come to a close at 3:20 CEST tomorrow morning. It’ll pick up again tomorrow at 18:00 CEST. 

Day three will switching things up to best of three WB and LB finals. The last day of the American qualifier will be the consolidation finals, which are best of three, and the grand finals, which are best of five. 

Take a gander over on Twitch and pick a stream. There’s no dearth of them. And if you just want to watch the European hub, with the European casters snuggling up on a couch, watching their cousins across the Atlantic duke it out, you can check it out here. 

Watch live video from TheGDStudio on

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Dog Pants avataraugustofretes avatarTenClub avatar
Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

Wow. What a cesspool of idiocy and sexism the chat channel is. Fortunately I can turn that off.

I started watching the International quite late last year, but I very much enjoyed what I did see. Watching it in client is cool but I usually end up catching up on Youtube because I'm not around to catch live games.

TenClub Avatar
3 Years ago

Some day the gaming community at large won't be so fucking stupid and sexist. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Anyway, I'm gonna check out the Internationals this year. Well at least try to. Competitive gaming doesn't really interest me but then again I haven't really tried getting into it.

augustofretes Avatar
3 Years ago

You can watch the replay in the client, and it gives you way more freedom in how you watch the match :)