Dota 2 patch adds “Least Played” gamemode


In the latest Dota 2 patch, Valve had have added a for fun new game mode that should help players get a grip on their least favourite characters. Meet “Least Played”, where everyone is forced to play their least played heroes. 

Alongside the new gamemode, Valve have also vastly improved workshop support for Dota 2 modders. And there’s some evidence of further hero development behind the scenes.

The Least Played gamemode will be available for both matchmaking and private lobbies. When you’re in a Least Played game, the top 20 winning heroes for each player will be disabled, but Heroes with less than 3 wins are available. The idea being that everyone has to work together to try a new hero. Think of it as your training ground for the random hero button.
The Dota 2 workshop has been updated to support both couriers and wards. You can now preview both of them within the game engine while also testing out specific animations. This also includes a new camera mode to preview a heroes portrait when wearing cosmetics.
As for unreleased hero news, Skywrath Mages textures have appeared in a very early form. Meanwhile, Troll Warlord and Tusk are pretty polished, and may be gracing the Dota 2 client in next weeks update. Check out Cyborgmatt’s blog for his patch analysis, as well as patting him on the back for a whole year of being the Dota oracle.