Dota 2’s upcoming heroes teased on update page


A cursory glance at the bottom of Dota 2’s Spoils of War page reveals what could be the silhouettes four new heroes for the game. Nothing’s been confirmed by Valve yet, but we believe it indicates that the Phantom Assassin, Chaos Knight, Gyro and Undying Dirge could make appearances in a forthcoming update for the game.

To the lower left there are three characters, a flying thing, a horse-mounted thing and a thing that’s probably annoyed because it can’t fly and doesn’t have a horse. To the right there’s a thing possibly peeking out from the shadows.
The things to the left look a lot like Gyro, the Chaos Knight and the Phantom Assassin. The thing to the right could well be Undying Dirge’s shoulder or skull. Dota 2 is due an update imminently, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the three or four poorly-lit heroes make an appearance.