Dota 2 surpasses one million players


Judging from the rate the number is rising, Dota 2 hit a million players at some point last night. That’s a one with six zeros afterwards. For a game still in Beta, and still only playable by those with beta keys, or those willing to pony up a little cash for an Early Access Bundle, that’s pretty damn impressive. One million players, and, according to, over twenty two million games played. Wowee.

The game’s been constantly growing its audience since it went into beta, with Valve essentially considering it now out of beta, with the only caveat being they can’t open it to the public for fear of server swamp, where their poor computers will be overwhelmed by the demand and just fall over, meaning no one can play. It would be arrogant if the game’s predecessor wasn’t so wildly successful, rumoured to have somewhere in the region of fourteen or fifteen million regular players. And, to be fair, any game from Valve is going to be wildly popular.

Looking at Steam’s stats at any point, and Dota 2 is likely to be among the top of the list in terms of concurrent players, if not sitting pretty right in the number one slot. That means more people than Team Fortress 2, more people than Call of Duty, more people than Skyrim. For a game that you have to be invited to play. The mind boggles.